The Vokes family and in particular Jack and Brynn with support and guidance from their momĀ  and dad, Brooke and Rob, are moving out of the classroom and into a world travel adventure.

Originally from their small hometown of Jarvis Ontario near Hamilton, Ontario, Jack is 12 years old and in grade six while Brynn is 10 and in grade five.

They are taking this adventure to expand their knowledge. Jack is involved in hockey and baseball while Brynn’s interests are in theatre arts, singing and soccer.

Their parents are leading them on this experience into the wider world. Brooke works in education and Rob is in management with a major corporation.

Jack and Brynn are members of the Six Nations Mohawk community of southern Ontario. They dedicate their travels to Pa, the family patriarch and their great grandfather, John Bradley Sr, a warrior and World War II veteran who passed on in the spring of 2014.

Jack and Brynn dare to explore in the spirit of their nomadic ancestors with a keen enthusiasm for discovery, adventure and friendship.