Starting Our Family Trip To See The World

Well, in a couple days my family will embark on a new adventure.The time has finally come when we get to see new places, experience new cultures and try new things – instead of reading, planning and dreaming about it. It’s going to be fun and exciting and a little scary. We will relax on the beach and swim in the ocean, climb mountains, visit temples, ride tuk-tuks and rickshaws, eat some of the most delicious food from far away places and make new friends.

We cannot display this galleryBy experiencing travel and adventure, we can’t help but grow, learn and gain a love and respect for the people and the world around us. So I’m hoping, if I do this right, we will all come back a little changed. A little more grateful and compassionate, with a deeper sense of understanding and a whole lot more patience. The world is the greatest classroom and Jack and Brynn are fortunate enough to experience it firsthand.

We are leaving behind material things that really don’t matter – believe me, my backpack is way too small for my liking and I apologize right now for seeing pictures of us in the same t-shirts a million times. We are taking with us what we need and relying on each other for support and company as we set out to far away places.

I understand that danger exists and this is such a different experience compared to other backpacking trips I’ve had. I’m responsible for our children and, of course, more than anything I want us to be safe and healthy. However, I do believe we can’t be controlled by fear and intuition plays a big role in making decisions. We will have to overcome adversities but I know we will be welcomed as travelers.

Our excitement is growing and sharing it with you makes it that much greater. Thanks to all our family and friends for your constant love and support, I am truly grateful for each and every one of you. So, here’s to making memories – our journey awaits!